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  1. gmattd says:

    The concentration of wealth in the hands of the few has never been so destructive and influential in history. Its control over our political system allows the few to wield vast power contrary to the fair and equitable will of the people. OWS protesters don’t need one common unifying goal or issue about which they protest, they simply need the citizens who feel aggrieved to stand up and be counted among those who desire reasonable, sensible and fair change. This protest should continue so that our children’s children have the luxury of living a wealthy and safe life and so they may pass on the ideals of those who Occupied Wall street or threw the kings tea into Boston harbor. I humbly pass the soap box.

  2. Andy Chen says:

    Awesome poster! Hoping to get one on Monday as I was unable to get one at the show because the venue was only accepting Norwegian credit cards. I love the story of the poster, well done gentlemen!

  3. Jason says:

    Any chance that these will be available online to us who aren’t as lucky to live/be close to SF?

  4. Dire Wolf says:

    hurry… the Lithograph edition is currently available at

  5. Travis says:

    Chris, will you be selling the silkscreen version on your site soon?


  6. Travis says:

    Also, are the lithos signed and numbered?


  7. jason says:

    are the ones from moonalice s/n?

  8. Dire Wolf says:

    the posters from Moonalice are not signed and numbered but look amazing!

  9. dustin says:

    yo Chris I need one of these silkscreens, plz hit me up amigo :>

  10. Rande says:

    I’m looking to buy an original print?

  11. cynthia says:

    How great thou art,

  12. dustin k says:

    Hello Chris, do you have any MINT JG 70th silkscreens for $250 shipped like Alex offered me and i didn’t have the doe-ray-me, well i got it now, can we put this together bro, inspiration move me brightly…thx for any response-d

  13. Sam says:

    It’s a great picture but evolution isn’t directional and doesn’t have an apex. There’s no end goal to evolution and the idea that humans are ‘top of the evolutionary ladder’ is just human chauvanism. Single-celled organisms are just as evolved as we are, and in terms of numbers, there’s more of them.
    Sorry to nitpick, I love the icons series and hope you’ll do more of them.

  14. Paula Smith-Marder says:

    I have a question for Chris Shaw. Is The Madonna of Dark Matter based upon a classical work of art? It is beautiful and provocative.

  15. Melia White says:

    How can I buy this? If that is possible, how much is it?
    Thank you

  16. jake says:

    I’m searching for this poster. I am a serious buyer if price is reasonable.

    • Robert lucid says:

      I have number 109/160
      Purchased 2011 goodfoot lounge portland
      Interested in resale value if your still interested,

  17. Dire Wolf says:
    I love this painting Chris, fantastic work!
  18. Josh Hynes says:

    Hey Chris

    Looking to see if I could order one of those mighty mighty bosstones haircut posters for my shop


  19. bea says:

    Remember this show. Love the poster!

  20. Dan Evett says:

    Any of these posters around for sale?

  21. Dan Evett says:

    The SF Giants Jerry day posters?

  22. Scott Robinson says:

    Your art is VERY INTERESTING-I compare it to the political/social/cultural art drawings done by the men and women of the American association of editorial cartoonists.

  23. Ben says:

    I love this poster. I was at this show. Stood right behind Bill Walton who was rockin out. How do I buy a copy? Thanks!

  24. Jessica daCosta says:

    Looking to purchase this as well.

  25. parker palmer says:

    Are any of these available?

  26. Sean Primus says:

    how much for a numbered print

  27. Scott says:

    Hello Chris,

    Last we spoke you were looking into how many Hendrix posters you had left for sale.
    Please let me know if your are still interest in selling one or not.

  28. Doug Hardy says:

    Mr Shaw I really like the 2004 Aerosmith Kiss poster. Where can I buy one ? Thank you

  29. Geoff says:

    Amazing work again keeper of the squid

  30. David McGee says:

    Chris, its Dave McGee, hope you and Alex are well. Sorry I haven’t been in touch, that’s my bad as I still owe you both a lunch. Love the new Primus in Pearl and the Hologram very cool. If you have either I would love one.

    Also do you still have any of the Allman Brothers posters I dont remember seeing those and would love one as well. Lets get together soon


  31. Gary says:

    Awesome Poster!

  32. Ed Burket says:

    Hi Chris, Missed Poster show last year and Alex assisted in sending me last years Giants Grateful Dead Poster. Would it be possible to buy 3 of the latest SF Giants/Jerry Garcia Posters from you and have u sign them. Absolutely awesome Poster Art from both of you. I do plan on next TRPS show but I know life’s events sometimes throw a wrench in the works. Thanks Again Chris.

    Ed Burket

  33. paige tubbs says:

    Can I purchase this ?

  34. Mike says:

    Where can buy this concert poster? I was at the show only saved the flyer from it. I would love to have this poster.

  35. Brad Belden says:

    This poster is amazing. Would you happen to have all 4 pieces of the Tibetan Freedom Concert 1999 poster that you would be willing to sell? If so, what would you ask for it? Thank you.

  36. Kris Semb says:

    is it possible to buy a copy of this poster? I was at this show w my X and they actually came up to the balcony for the encore and grabbed my girlfriend and I out of our seats to join them jumping around during the encore. I couldnt capture the moment bc I was too caught up in it but would love to frame a poster from the show if I can track one down. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!

  37. Brian says:

    I have this one and others

  38. […] The exhib­it Home­town Dis­ad­van­tage fea­tured art by Chuck Sper­ry and Chris Shaw. TRPS mem­ber Ron Scha­ef­fer was at the event and took some pic­tures to share. Cheers! […]

  39. Tom McGee says:

    7 years later. Anyone know if any of these are still out there ? 🙂

  40. […] to Moonalice legend, this original art is a collaboration between artists Chris Shaw and Ron Donovan. This poster is the first in an upcom­ing series of Moon­al­ice […]

  41. Nathanial says:

    Is this poster available for sale?

  42. […] Madonna of the Squid, by Chris Shaw   […]

  43. Jeff Arellano says:

    Would love to get a signed proof of this. Not sure what it would take or if even possible. This show spoke volumes to me as a young father and going through so many issues as a young man. This show was just so powerful to me. I see I can purchase it from Wolfgangs. Wanted to see if it’s possible to just go to you directly. Thank you for a beautiful poster. It’s taken me a long time before I could even think of purchasing such an item. I went to the Halloween night show. So odd Rollins primed us for Pearl Jam 🙂

  44. Chris says:

    Can I buy this anywhere

  45. […] Most likely, the image is based on a modern art painting depicting the Virgin Mary holding a Kalashnikov machine in her hands. work exhibited in 2013 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. […]

  46. […] Cel mai probabil, imaginea are la bază o pictură de artă modernă care o înfăţişează pe Fecioara Maria ţinând în mâini un automat Kalaşnikov, operă expusă în 2013  la muzeul de artă modernă din San Francisco. […]

  47. […] Cel mai probabil, imaginea are la bază o pictură de artă modernă care o înfăţişează pe Fecioara Maria ţinând în mâini un automat Kalaşnikov, operă expusă în 2013  la muzeul de artă modernă din San Francisco. […]

  48. […] Cel mai probabil, imaginea are la bază o pictură de artă modernă care o înfăţişează pe Fecioara Maria ţinând în mâini un automat Kalaşnikov, operă expusă în 2013  la muzeul de artă modernă din San Francisco. […]

  49. […] Doobie Decibel System 3/17/20 Club Fox, Redwood, CA poster by Chris Shaw SAINT JAVELIN ( Сент-Джавелін ) – Icon of Ukrainian Resistance […]

  50. michael sullivan says:

    hi chris
    any chance for a screen print,

  51. Jeremy says:

    How do I get one of these?

  52. Tesla’s New Year’s Eve 1992 concert was the first rock concert I ever attended. This concert poster is amazing! It brings back memories of that high-energy show.

    • Chris Shaw says:

      Thanks!!! That Tesla poster was the first poster I made for Bill Graham Presents – made a lot more after that one! It was a really fun poster to make, pre-digital days.

  53. […] Para conseguirla, el diseñador ucranio Eugene Shalashov lo que hizo fue cambiar el arma a la Madonna con Kaláshnikov que pintó hace 10 años Chris Show. Cuando vio que la guerra se avecinaba, Christian Borys, […]

  54. […] To get it, the Ukrainian designer Eugene Shalashov what he did was change the weapon to the Madonna with Kalashnikov which Chris Show painted 10 years ago. When he saw that the war was coming, Christian Borys, […]

  55. Gary Dodson says:

    I’d like to buy this poster.How can I purchase one? I remember the show it was amazing! As a San Francisco kid and a Beastie Boys fan this is a must have joint!

    • Chris Shaw says:

      I may be sold out of that one too – try WolfgansVault. If you are still in the SFBay Area come to the TRPS Festival of Rock Posters in October – I usually dig deep in the flat files and archive to find stuff for that show, If I find any of these I’ll have them there.

  56. Mike says:

    Any chance that I can buy a copy of this poster?>

  57. […] acrylic-on-canvas painting of Mary holding an AK-47, in a style inspired by Orthodox Iconography. He called it Madonna Kalashnikov.  He doesn’r seem to have been thinking specifically about Mary’s character – he […]

  58. Jim Poland says:


    If you do release official prints, I would certainly appreciate the opportunity to purchase directly from you. There is a method I’m sure you’re aware of, that allows the images to be etched into thin metal plates. Your image is so well done and now so revered to support the efforts of the Ukrainian people, that that is what I would like to have to mount in my main living space.

    Keep producing all that you do through your creativity!

    Respectfully yours,


  59. Sorry we missed you in KC this weekend. Hope you’re doing well.
    Looking forward to hearing your conversation in August. 🙌

    • Chris Shaw says:

      All well here, thanks! – The emergency causing postponement of the event wasn’t mine. I do look forward to doing the Sant Javelin panel this summer in KC with BBQ and warmer weather. Cheers!