Pearl Jam poster by Chris Shaw

Bill Gra­ham Presents:
Pearl Jam with Rollins Band poster by Chris Shaw
October 28 The Warfield, San Francisco, California
October 30 Event Center, San Jose State, California
October 31 Greek Theater, Berkeley, California
13″ x 19″
Off­set Lith­ograph

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4 Responses to Pearl Jam poster by Chris Shaw

  1. Jeff Arellano says:

    Would love to get a signed proof of this. Not sure what it would take or if even possible. This show spoke volumes to me as a young father and going through so many issues as a young man. This show was just so powerful to me. I see I can purchase it from Wolfgangs. Wanted to see if it’s possible to just go to you directly. Thank you for a beautiful poster. It’s taken me a long time before I could even think of purchasing such an item. I went to the Halloween night show. So odd Rollins primed us for Pearl Jam 🙂

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