Saint Javelin: Art, Faith and Mobilization

On February 21, 2023, in Art, Events, Paintings, by Chris Shaw


Join me in Kansas City, Friday, Feb. 24th, for a cool event: “Saint Javelin: Art, Faith and Mobilization” at the National World War I Museum & Memorial, where an original Saint Javelin icon has been on exhibit for the last 6 months. Also attending will be Christian Borys, the founder of, which has raised more than $2 million to aid Ukraine. This event will also be streamed.

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I’m still humbled that Saint Javelin has become a global symbol of Ukraine’s resistance in the war with Russia.  For the last year I’ve been inspired by the hope she’s given, what she stands for, as well as the funds Saint Javelin has help raise for Ukraine.  I just hope this awful war will end soon

Saint Javelin: Art, Faith and Mobilization

 Friday, Feb. 24 – Reception 5 p.m., Program 6 p.m.  Auditorium and YouTube Live

March 2022 saw the viral rise of an icon symbolizing Ukrainian resistance to Russian invasion. Saint Javelin continues a tradition begun in World War I of Christian saint imagery being mass-produced for public consumption during wartime.

As the Museum and Memorial’s exhibition of Saint Javelin draws to a close, two key figures in the icon’s popularity – Christian Borys, former journalist and founder of the Saint Javelin corporation, and California-based artist Chris Shaw, who created the original painting that Saint Javelin is based on – will join in conversation with Museum and Memorial Specialist Curator Patricia Cecil and President and CEO Matthew Naylor. They will address the contemporary parallels, through religious iconography, between WWI and the present-day conflict, in a discussion on art, faith and mobilization amid catastrophe. Free with RSVP | 6 p.m. | Auditorium and YouTube Live

Begin the discussion on global democracy and resistance in a ticketed reception on the Paul Sunderland Glass Bridge before the program, in partnership with Stand With Ukraine KC. All proceeds will directly benefit Ukrainian aid organizations. Tickets $30 | 5 p.m. | Museum and Memorial

National WWI Museum and Memorial

2 Memorial Drive,

Kansas City, MO 64108 USA

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2 Responses to Saint Javelin: Art, Faith and Mobilization

  1. Sorry we missed you in KC this weekend. Hope you’re doing well.
    Looking forward to hearing your conversation in August. 🙌

    • Chris Shaw says:

      All well here, thanks! – The emergency causing postponement of the event wasn’t mine. I do look forward to doing the Sant Javelin panel this summer in KC with BBQ and warmer weather. Cheers!

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