Pearl Jam Oslo 2012 poster by Chris Shaw & Chuck Sperry

Chris Shaw teamed up with Chuck Sperry to make Pearl Jam’s Oslo, Norway poster. While Chuck and I have made Pearl Jam posters in the mid-1990’s, the Oslo’s Pearl Jam poster is a mix of New School and Old School Rock Poster Art.

Since the theme of the PJ tour posters is VS, we immediately thought of a Ying-Yang form as a good way to communicate that idea.

Then we thought of that crazy ‘Norway Spiral’ that filled the night sky over Norway a couple years back (because we both love unexplained and mysterious phenomena like that, even if it was probably a Russian rocket spinning out of control).

We gave it a psychedelic edge by making a Ying-Yang out of the form of the Norway Spiral, and creating two flying eyeballs, representing the opposing forces of Fire and Water. We wanted this poster to have a touch of skater punk, Psychedelia, and to just be iconic and bad-ass.

The small, subtle, silver spirals in the background, not only mirrors the Ying-Yang of the central image, but is inspired by Rosemalling, which is a Norwegian folk-art of decorative painting. This form of decoration originated in the rural valleys of Norway during the Baroque and Rococo Period in the mid 18th Century. It was a folk response to the intricate designs the wealthy folks in Norway were importing. The forms are usually simple and based on “C” and “S” forms. That seemed appropriate since Chris Shaw and Chuck Sperry are both “CS” names.

Both Chuck & I are releasing our Artist Editions on Monday, July 16, 2012 at a random time on

Pearl Jam with X poster by Chuck Sperry VS. Chris Shaw
Oslo, Norway
July 9, 2012
22″ x 33″
Artist Edition of 200
5 Colors, Archival Cream Paper
Signed & Numbered

Pearl Jam with X in Oslo, Norway poster by Chris Shaw & Chuck Sperry DETAIL

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Pearl Jam poster by Chris Shaw

Bill Gra­ham Presents:
Pearl Jam with Rollins Band poster by Chris Shaw
October 28 The Warfield, San Francisco, California
October 30 Event Center, San Jose State, California
October 31 Greek Theater, Berkeley, California
13″ x 19″
Off­set Lith­ograph

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