Occupy Oakland poster by Chris Shaw

On November 1, 2011, in Political, Posters, by Chris Shaw


Occupy Oakland poster by Chris Shaw

OCCUPY OAKLAND POSTER / General Strike Nov. 2, 2011
18×24 Offset Lithograph
2 sided

I had to make this after people got tear-gassed right down the street last week.
The poster will be distributed for free tomorrow afternoon (Nov. 2) at Occupy Oakland.

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  1. gmattd says:

    The concentration of wealth in the hands of the few has never been so destructive and influential in history. Its control over our political system allows the few to wield vast power contrary to the fair and equitable will of the people. OWS protesters don’t need one common unifying goal or issue about which they protest, they simply need the citizens who feel aggrieved to stand up and be counted among those who desire reasonable, sensible and fair change. This protest should continue so that our children’s children have the luxury of living a wealthy and safe life and so they may pass on the ideals of those who Occupied Wall street or threw the kings tea into Boston harbor. I humbly pass the soap box.

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