Public Enemy poster by Chris Shaw

On August 25, 2011, in Posters, Silkscreen, by Chris Shaw

Public Enemy poster Chris Shaw

I was thrilled when Chuck Sperry asked me if I wanted to do a Public Enemy poster for his Goldenvoice series, I’m a huge Public Enemy fan from way back when. Doing a poster for a band you love isn’t always as great as it sounds, sometimes you can get hung up on trying to get a perfect image and idea and overwork the art. Trying not to over-think things, I decided to go with an old-school political poster, the kind of thing I was making in the 80’s when I listened to P.E. constantly. I’ve made a ton of art over the years listening to that band, and felt like going back to my roots.

Somehow I think I’ve wanted to make this poster for a long time. The last time I made a Public Enemy poster it was for the Fillmore, I don’t think a riot cop with a bloody baton would have passed pre-screening over there. In particular, I decided to make this poster a BART cop. BART is a Bay Area transit agency who’s police force has been involved in some very questionable shootings, have been handling themselves pretty badly, they’ve been in the news a lot. Knowing the band, the image seemed fitting, and timely.

The image is a collage of pieces from different riot cop photos, put together to make an especially sinister figure. I altered a lot of the small details along the way then separated the art into 3 colors, standard “politics” black & red, plus a bright silver… the silver gives it that rock poster feel. For the variants, we printed a pure cyan instead of the black plate, and used some different stock. A big thanks Chuck for being the master of his press, this was an especially clean run of posters.

Silkscreen poster printed by Chris Shaw & Chuck Sperry at Hangar 18, Oakland, CA.

Public Enemy poster Chris Shaw alternate photo 2

Public Enemy poster by Chris Shaw
August 19, 2011
Regency Ball­room – San Fran­cisco, Cal­ifornia
Firehouse-Goldenvoice series #139
18′ x 28″ impression on 20″ x 30″ 100 lb. Cougar paper
Edition of 145
Signed & Numbered


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Hi-Speed Time Lapse Video of Three Gorgons

On August 19, 2011, in Art, Paintings, Video, by Chris Shaw

3 Gorgons by Chris Shaw & Chuck Sperry, 2011 – Hi-Speed time lapse video

A super high speed timelapse video of Chris Shaw painting the center section of the Three Gorgons, an installation by Chris Shaw and Chuck Sperry at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Artist Gallery windows on Natoma St.

This video was made by hand-selecting every individual frame from the time-lapse sequence where the painting was completely unobstructed. Watch in HD, its better.

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Three Gorgons Time Lapse Video part 2

On August 18, 2011, in Art, Paintings, Video, by Chris Shaw

Three Gorgons: A Triptych by Chris Shaw & Chuck Sperry, 2011

Center Panel Time-Lapse, part 2

Part 2 of the final timelapse edit. In this video I paint the final line-art of the center section of the 3 Gorgons installation I created with Chuck Sperry. Chuck and I designed and planned this piece together, but I executed the painting. Watch in HD, its better.

This video shows me painting linework and finishing the piece. The complete time-lapse spans several days and has been highly compressed by editing out 2nd, 3rd, and 4th coats of paint and drying time.

The full 3 section installation is on view at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Artist’s Gallery windows on Natoma St until January 2012.

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