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Full-Size 18″ x 24″ Stop Hate Posters – now available for free download. Print out at any size to make your own signs and posters and be ready for action in your own city.

PDF available HERE – or download the Full-Size Jpeg below:

I designed my Donald Trump Stop Hate posters for the 2017 Women’s March in Oakland and San Francisco. The original posters were hand-made silkscreen prints distributed to the crowd at the Womens March, stapled to sticks and used as signs. I have received a lot of requests for this poster and thought I would share the image for free. Please print-out for personal or protest use, but don’t sell them – thank you.

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I created this Donald Trump STOP HATE poster for the Women’s March in Oakland and San Francisco on January 21, 2017. Its a simple hand-printed, 2-color silkscreen, old school. As for the image and the message – pretty straight-forward. I didn’t print a ton, and many ended up being stapled to sticks and used as signs – which took 2 prints.

I’m happy that these posters were so well received at the Women’s March, and I am honored that people chose to carry my signs on such a historic day. I also brought out my Cry Baby poster again, which seemed to be a crowd pleaser.

The Stop Hate poster was also one of the first posters printed at the Haight Street Art Center, in San Francisco. Banding together with other artists (Chuck Sperry, Alexandra Fischer, John Mavroudis, and Lauren Yurkovich), we produced numerous posters, both silkscreen and offset, distributed in Washington DC, Oakland, and San Francisco at the Women’s marches. A huge thanks to everyone that helped.

STOP HATE Poster by Chris Shaw
18” x 24” Silkscreen, 2-color
©2017 Chris Shaw

White Stock – Signed and Numbered edition of 100
Green & Metallic Gold – Artist Proofs


Trump Dark Days Ahead by Chris Shaw

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Trump Dark Days Ahead poster by Chris Shaw

Trump Dark Days Ahead political art by Chris Shaw

© 2016 Chris Shaw