Madonna Fukushima by Chris Shaw

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Madonna Fukushima by Chris Shaw (Visible Light)

Madonna Fukushima by Chris Shaw
March — June, 2011
Acrylic on can­vas
9′ x 11′


I watched the Japan earth­quake and Tsunami live on tele­vi­sion March 11, 2011. Like many, I was com­pletely awestruck by the utter destruc­tion I wit­nessed, but for some rea­son could not turn away. I’ll never for­get the images of the tsunami hit­ting the Japan­ese main­land and entire towns being washed away. It was cer­tainly Nature’s fury at its worst. I was extremely sad­dened and felt awful for all the peo­ple whose lives were affected or lost.

Then came the news of an inci­dent at the Fukushima nuclear plant. At once I real­ized that there was some­thing extremely wrong and scary hap­pen­ing there. Over the next days I again watched in hor­ror as 3 of the reac­tors exploded and melted down, with a 4th in peril. I actu­ally heard some “expert” say that the reac­tor build­ings were designed to explode… “Don’t Worry”. There were mas­sive radi­a­tion releases, but again the world was told that there was no prob­lem, noth­ing was out of con­trol. To me the sit­u­a­tion looked very much out of con­trol. As of this writ­ing , Fukushima remains far from being sta­ble or under con­trol, it is a mon­u­men­tal cat­a­stro­phe for Japan, the envi­ron­ment, and the world as a whole.

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